Sijmen’s projects

Unix tools

These are small tools in the Unix tradition. Some are useful, some extraneous, but all are written for my own enjoyment. If any of these don't compile on a modern Unix distribution, please let me know.

Name Description Packages
flood Rapidly invoke (flood) a command. Homebrew
funjoin Split separated input into files. Homebrew
json-yaml Convert JSON to YAML pkgsrc
msort A merge sort experiment.
nostt Command line NOS Teletekst reader. Homebrew, pkgsrc, RPM, FreeBSD,
rng Copy ranges of lines from stdin to stdout. Homebrew
trickle 600 baud pipe and terminal. Homebrew
unjoin Split input lines on separators. Homebrew
within Run a command in other directories. Homebrew, pkgsrc
dated Add a timestamp to every line of a stream. Homebrew
cycle Repeat a file or stream forever.

Windows tools

Like the Unix tools above: maybe useful, but mostly written for my own enjoyment.

Name Description
Boot To A reboot menu for Windows
closeall Close all windows.
Fatpack Build mutli-architecture ‘fat’ binaries for Windows.
MessageBox Displays a Windows message box from the command line.